My Morning Devotional

The Answer is Grace

February 02, 2021 Alison Elizabeth Episode 177
My Morning Devotional
The Answer is Grace
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This is Episode 177 of the My Morning Devotional Podcast. 

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Join me, Alison Elizabeth as we read out of Romans 11:6 which says "But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace."

"Welcome to day two, on our study about Love. Today I wanted to prompt the question, “How does Jesus love us?” The Answer is Grace.


Grace is what sets God apart from us. It’s what makes Him so great. He grants us Grace.

Think about the amount of effort it goes into forgiving someone when they’ve offended you.


Imagine a time when someone hurt you. When that happens your immediate response is to either respond out of anger or the “I’m going to forgive them but I don’t need that person in my life” and while those are perfectly human approaches, God is so different.


There is never a second guess, he gives us yet another chance.


We will always fall short. We will never be perfect. We can’t, we are flawed. We can study Jesus and really model our lives after Him, but what makes Him different is simple. He extends us Grace. Everlasting, never failing, grace. Every single time we mess up, he extends grace.


This verse is beautiful, his love has nothing to do with our capabilities. It has everything to do with his Grace for if it’s not about His grace, then what would we even need grace for."

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